Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help Us Slay Cancer!

If you aren't familiar with Alex's Lemonade, click the little link to your right. No, your other right. It's a beautiful organization that even melts my cold, dead heart. Last year, the amazing, talented, big-hearted [insert a zillion other accolades here] coordinators helped wrangle over $87,000 for Alex's Lemonade.

This year, the [insert remaining accolades] SuzsPetals has generously offered an outtake from her story, The Family Business. The winner (a.k.a. us) will chose the scene or alternate point of view. As long as it stays within the confines of the existing story she will write it. And we all know, if she writes it we will come.

So now we need you to venture back over to your right and click on the bid form. For a $5 minimum you can help find a cure for childhood cancer and read more about our favorite characters. When the auction ends we will break your kneecaps if you welch on your donation kindly ask you forward the money.

From all of us at Team Slayerward,